Ben Dahlhaus by Esra Sam


Hiroki Nakamura


Hiroki Nakamura

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modeling sucks


modeling sucks

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Varanasi, India

Joey Lawrence

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Once, I was supposed to close a show with a 3-year-old kid and we both had matching outfits. During rehearsal, everything went as planned, but on the day of the show he started crying halfway down the runway, so in my head I thought, “What am I supposed to do?!” I ended up picking him up and I carried him to the end of the runway. This was funny only after the fact.

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i just can’t with this. can’t.

OCD by Neil Hilborn

Because once is not even close to enough.

because my son has OCD… because even things you think will stretch you to the bounds of what you can do and give as a parent… exasperate you and leave you in tears wondering sometimes how you will get through this day… leave you hoping you can help your son be every bit of everything his amazing thoughtful and brilliant mind can think of… the things that hurt as you calmly tell him that even if he forgets to kiss grandma’s dog no robbers will come in the night, and then say so vehemently and painfully to yourself, “i don’t want this for him…” are tremendous tremendous gifts…


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